Fidelity Guarantee

Indemnifies you against loss by larceny, fraud, Guarantee embezzlement or misappropriation upon the part of any employee:

  • Immediately upon discovery of the loss, or reasonable cause for suspecting a loss, prepare notice in writing, of particulars of the acts or defiance of the employee which must be submitted by Insurers.
  • Notify the Police
  • Take immediate steps to ascertain the full extent of claims and obtain all particulars and documents of evidence for insurers, to substantiate claims
  • Obtain all information which will lead to the whereabouts, if unknown, of the employee
  • All monies due to the employee/suspect to be deducted from the amount being claimed.

Time is of the essence under this coverage. All claims must be reported within three (3) months of discovery. Discovery must take place within six (6) months, (or as specified in the policy document) of the expiration of this policy, or death, dismissal or retirement of the employee involved.