Burglary or Theft Loss

This policy affords cover for damage and losses as the result of forcible and violent entry into the premises.

In the event of a loss, you should do the following:

  • Report the matter to the nearest Police Station. Ensure you note the details of the Police Officer taking your report, and note also the time and date of your report.
  • Secure the premises if required, in order to reduce further losses.
  • Obtain and complete the necessary claim form from our Offices.
  • Take an inventory in order to establish exactly what has been stolen and the extent of any damage to the premises.
  • Prepare and present to us a detailed statement of claim, together with copies of invoices and estimates to substantiate amounts being claimed. The list of missing items can be submitted on a separate sheet of paper, if necessary.
  • Substantiate the total value at risk on
    each item of insured property.
Keeping accurate records of the items at your facility will greatly aid in the substantiation of your claim. Serial and model number, copies of invoices and other such information not only assist in settling the claim, but may also help the Police in their recovery efforts!