Goods in Transit

Covers all risks of physical loss or damage to goods while being transported to and from your premises as well as to customers and from suppliers. This would include losses due to collision, hold-up, robbery and theft etc.

In the event of a loss you should do the following:

  • Notify the Police immediately
  • Prepare notice in writing to us stating the circumstances of the matter
  • Take immediate steps to ascertain the full extent of claims and obtain all particulars and documents of evidence to substantiate your claim to insurers

TIP: The following factors will influence both the frequency and severity of Goods in Transit loss:

  • Adequate packaging materials
  • Care in loading and unloading
  • Using the proper equipment for the job
  • Special care with fragile items
  • Caution in carrying high valued goods and in moving goods through areas of high crime
  • Use of security guards on trucks for those items to high value
  • Secure unattended vehicles