Workmen’s Compensation

Compensates employers for earnings paid to employees as a result of sick leave and for injuries sustained in the course of their employment.

The following documentary evidence is required in order to process a claim.

  • Complete the Accident Report Form
  • Substantiate wages paid to the employee during his/her period of illness, by way of payment vouchers or signed statement by the employee, indicating clearly the monies representing Compensation for injury leave
  • Submit a sick leave certificate for the entire period of absence if this in excess of three (3) days
  • Provide final fitness certificate pronouncing the employee fit to resume normal duties, and advising whether employee has suffered any permanent partial disability
  • Submit total wages to the employee including overtime and COLA as applicable for the twelve (12) months preceding, or the longest continuous period not exceeding fifty-two (52) weeks prior to the injury
  • The standard recoverable medical expense limit is $500.00
  • The sick leave wages formula is calculated as follows:
  • 2/3 Average Monthly Earnings * X No. of days sick leave
    30 days* based on wages for 52 weeks prior to the accident


TIP: Finalization of a claim can only be accomplished when the injured employee receives his final fitness certificate (or a medical report in the case of an employee who has suffered permanent partial disability)