Motor Insurance

Covers minimum third party liability limits required by law, and depending upon the level of additional cover purchased, may include cover for fire, theft, and damage to your own vehicle.

In the event of a loss you should do the following:

  • Report the accident to the nearest Police Station, presenting them with your driver’s permit, certificate of insurance, and a written statement of the circumstances of the accident. (Make a note of the Police Officer’s name and number who is taking your statement, as this information will be required on the claim form.)
  • Complete the Claim Form, answering all of the questions and attaching a copy of the driver’s statement, together with those of any witnesses
  • Obtain an estimate for repairs to your vehicle, and submit same to us.

TIP: Some important points:

  • Do not authorize repairs to the vehicle until it has been seen by the insurer and/or adjuster!
  • Prompt claims reporting are absolutely necessary.
  • Never admit liability to third parties
  • Vehicle should be maintained in a road worthy condition, with particular attention being paid to brakes, tyres and lights
  • Allow a reasonable time for the insurer/ adjuster to view you vehicle