Marine Protection and Indemnity

Coverage for watercraft. It protects the insured from liabilities, from bodily injury, or property damage arising out of the use, or ownership of declared vessels.

The following documentary evidence is required in order to process a claim:

When the Client’s property or facilities suffer damage by third party ocean-going vessels, the following information must be provided:

  1. Date and time of loss
  2. Cause of loss
  3. Property location
  4. Property involved
  5. Loss estimate
  6. Contact person and telephone number
  7. Obtain/secure full information on the offending vessel i.e. name and port of registration, owners and addresses.
  8. Obtain/secure full and detailed statements from eye witnesses on the circumstances of the accident.
  9. Obtain/secure statements of full liability in negligence by the captain of the vessel and undertaking by him and/or the local agents on behalf of the vessel to settle full cost of repairs.
  10. In the event that the captain or local agents fail/refuse to give admission of liability and undertake payment for cost of repairs where such repairs appear not to be significant, advise Harbour Master and Immigration Office so that efforts can be made to prevent the vessel from sailing until favourable arrangements are made for settling cost of repairs.
  11. Where the damage appears to be substantial, advise Legal Department or external legal counsel immediately so that legal action can be taken to obtain the arrest and detention of the vessel.